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Longhouse cabin at Gwaii Haanas

The longhouse cabin at Ninstints commenced building in the Spring and Summer of 2015, during the height of tourist season. This site is one of the most desired of all the Haida Watchmen sites of the Gwaii Haanas National Park.

These two images show the new longhouse cabin under construction. The cabin will accommodate Haida Gwaii Watchmen for approximately a six month time period. In this beautiful setting with ocean views, you can imagine this is a most desired place to work. The Watchmen will be comfortable in their own rooms, with modern amenities as much as possible in this remote location.

Image credit: S. Pryce

IMG_1931_1225 copy

This image shows the back entrance of the cabin. Large overhangs will provide cover from the rain. This cabin replaced an older cabin that had been in the area for years, and needed updating.

Image credit: S. Pryce

Watchmen cabin construction at SGang Gwaay, in Gwaii Haanas Park

Materials were barged in, then floated to the building site

The posts are 28 inches in diameter or 700 ml

Constructing the foundation

Aligning the pole with the column



Front cabin wall with cross beam

Roxul insulation for fire and soundproofing. The house is powered by solar, and topped up by a generator.

SGang Gwaay Watchmen cabin construction image credits: Dafne Romero

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Longhouse for living

Image credit: Mark Yaroshuk

Longhouse for living image credits: S. Pryce

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Gwaii Trust building was constructed a number of years ago

Gwaii Trust Administration Building

In 2007 the roofing was replaced with cedar shingles from the Haida Heritage Centre project

Gwaii Trust administration longhouse

Gwaii Trust image credits: S. Pryce

Skidegate Office Address:
PO Box 1257 Skidegate BC V0T 1S1
226 Front Street, Skidegate
Phone: 1-877-559-8883
Local: 250-559-8883
Fax: 1-250-559-8876

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Carving Shed in Skidegate Village

Roof and skylights were repaired 11 years ago

2 beam style longhouse. The front beams are covered and do not protrude as you see in other longhouse designs

Carving shed image credits: S. Pryce

Storage Longhouse in Skidegate Village

Storage shed image credits: S. Pryce

Mark is available for hire to work in all areas of Haida Gwaii. Contact by email: info@longhousecontracting.ca

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