Longhouse Contracting

Experienced building contractor working and living in Haida Gwaii

Earlier projects

These images are taken from some of the earlier projects that Mark has worked on

16 sided red cedar house beams at remote island location

Red cedar posts and beams shaped and ready for installation

16 sided red cedar house beams at new building site

Haida Watchmen cabin located in Tanu

6 beam longhouse, under construction, in Windy Bay on Lyell Island

Shell of a 2 beam Parks Canada Watchmen cabin, under contraction located at Hotsprings Island in Haida Gwaii

small cabin located at Maude Island

Haida Gwaii Watchmen cabin located in Skedans in Haida Gwaii

2-beam longhouse located at Ellen Island (Rose Harbour) in Haida Gwaii

6 beam longhouse located in Cumshewa on Haida Gwaii

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Mark is available for hire to work in all areas of Haida Gwaii. Contact by email: longhouse@hgqci.org