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Remains in mortuary house

According to Elizabeth Bulbrook, Haida Heritage coordinator, human remains were found at Bay Street in Queen Charlotte. These remains were moved to the Mortuary longhouse at the Haida Heritage Centre at Ḵay Llnagaay. The discovery of the remains were found when workers were working on residential water lines in the Village of Queen Charlotte. Skidegate Haida Immersion Program elders determined that the remains were to be wrapped in a ceremonial button blanket robe, and put into a traditional bentwood box to be placed into the Mortuary house. In addition to the findings of human remains, an ancient fire pit and midden were discovered 8 metres above sea levels. The presence of shell layers indicate the hearth was utilized at higher sea levels for an undetermined number of years in the past.

Recommendations are to contact the Council of the Haida Nation, Haida Heritage and Forest Guardians at 250-626-6058 if you find artifacts of any kind. And to stop what you are working on immediately to preserve what is remaining.

This image was taken before the six totem poles were raised at the site, and before the Haida Heritage Centre construction began. The most recent image for the Mortuary house is on the home page.