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Ellen Island

Ellen Island is located across from Rose Harbour

Houston Stewart Channel separates Moresby Island from smaller Kunghit Island to the south. The channel is accessible to aircraft and boats. There are mooring buoys in Rose Harbour, as well as two within Louscoone Inlet. Rose Harbour has bed-and-breakfast facilities and offers a boat-tour service out to SGang Gwaay (Anthony Island). Parks Canada has a field warden station (intermittently staffed) on the eastern side of Ellen Island.

No access sites include Bowles Point on the eastern side of Kunghit Island, all of the rocks and islets surrounding SGang Gwaay, and Kerouard islands at the southern extremities of Kunghit Island. Camping is not permitted on SGang Gwaay. Water from a pipe can be found about halfway along the west side of Louscoone Inlet.