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Cumshewa Inlet

 Cumshewa Inlet – Hlkinul Kaahlii

Cumshewa Inlet, a deep channel with Moresby Camp at its head, is the lunching point for boaters heading to the southern islands and passages. From here, Cumshewa Inlet can be explored by motor boat in one day. There is a small dock and a concrete boat ramp.

North of Louise Island, received its name from the white fur traders, whose custom was to name a region after the most important chief of the area. In the early years it has the usual variety of spellings all Haida words received. Fur traders made the inlet a regular port of call and many a rich harvest of pelts was taken aboard after a vigorous bargaining led by Eagle Crest Chief Go’mshewah. Like the Haidas of Skedans, the Cumshewa people did not engage to any extent in tribal wars with other Haidas. However, when Koyah from the Houston Stewart Channel engaged in his vendetta against the whites, he received some help from the Cumshewas.

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